The Story Behind Alpha-kidZ

     Armed with creativity and a lifetime dream, author Cindy G. Foust began in 1993 writing rhyming children's stories for each letter of the alphabet. Personal experiences and inspiration from family and friends provided the basis for each of the stories. After ten years of research and development, Alpha-kidZ Publishing Company was created with an official launch on December 5, 2003.

     Now celebrating its fifth year anniversary, Alpha-kidZ Publishing Company develops educational media that promotes reading and literacy. Alpha-kidZ is also a series of 26 books. Each book in the series (one for each letter of the alphabet) has a rhyming story that features a different animal character and unique adventure. Each book features bright illustrations that quickly capture the attention and stimulate young imaginations.

     As the author of the Alpha-kidZ book series, Foust shares in each book personal experiences that deliver positive character lessons and lessons in conflict resolution. Most of the stories are inspired by Foust's life and include the 13th release "Melanie Mouse, It's a Very Sad Day at our House." In this book, Foust draws on experiences with her older son through the struggle in the grief process after the loss of her younger son, Samuel, in 2002.

     Alpha-kidZ books are written to inspire young readers through entertaining stories that illustrate a moral, as well as, the silly antics of the beloved characters. The fundamental platform of the Alpha-kidZ publishing company and the Alpha-kidZ book series is reading and literacy.

     In 2008, Alpha-kidZ was privileged to host the fifth annual "Alpha-fest!", a "Free Fun for KidZ Day" in Northeast Louisiana that promotes reading and literacy. "Alpha-fest!" featured Alpha-kidZ books and offered a day of free play and learning activities for children, including StoryTime by the author. "Alpha-fest!" has enjoyed an annual crowd in excess of 8,000 people who attend yearly to celebrate reading.

     Through five years of innovative marketing implementation, Alpha-kidZ Publishing Company has succeeded in establishing a national presence. A controlled growth plan was established when the Company started with only one book release; the twelfth book was released in March 2008; and the Company expects to release the remaining fourteen books by September 2008. In October 2007, the injection of proper working capital led to contracts with national companies. Due to the alphabet-based nature of the Company, an ever growing presence has been established in education, retail, and web-based sales. What a difference five years of hard work, perseverance, and dedication can make!